Barn Door Shutters: Sliding Barn Doors For Your Windows, Charlotte!

News for Charlotte homeowners: the trendiest piece in home decorating is now available for your windows. Sliding barn doors are the talk of the town as an interior door thanks to their beauty, uniqueness, and functionality. Now Sunburst Shutters has introduced sliding barn doors from our Traditional line for your windows!
Barn door shutters glide on a track system. And you can modify the door panels for as much light, view, and privacy as you wish. This original window treatment is a charming enhancement to any room in your Charlotte residence.
For maximum privacy, just roll the panels of the barn door closed to block the outside scenery. And if you’d like to look outside, move the barn door shutters open. The track mounted above the window allows for both panels to glide across it easily. And a wall glide on the bottom of the shutters fits into a groove to make it more stable. The barn door shutters sit on either side of the window, framing the view like a piece of art.
The exciting element of sliding barn door shutters is you can match them to your sliding barn door. They’re made from the identical high quality solid wood as the barn doors available to you. So you get to personalize your shutters with the same options.
Barn Door Window Shutters In Charlotte, NC

How Does Sunburst Shutters Charlotte Install Sliding Barn Door Shutters?

We make the process of installing your new sliding barn door shutters hassle-free in Charlotte. At an in-home design consultation, we note how wide and long the window is and the area around it. This way, we know where to set up the barn door tracks for your shutters. We bring a barn door sample and discuss the styles, paints, stains, wheels, and hardware available. Then, we craft your custom sliding barn door shutters based on your specifications.
Our specialists mount the sliding barn door shutters on your wall with their tracks. And, they ensure that both panels roll smoothly and shut all the way. That’s how easily you can have charming barn doors on your window!
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Sliding Barn Door Shutter Options

With a vast selection of style, paint, stain, wheel, track, and hardware options, there are no limits to how you can make your sliding barn door shutters unique.

Styles Of Sliding Barn Door Shutters

Choose a style of sliding barn door shutters. Then, mix and match it with a paint, stain, or track color for a charming effect that fits your color scheme.
Plank Barn Door - top bottom Z railShaker Barn Door 2 PanelShaker Barn Door 3 PanelShaker - 5 PanelStile and Rail - StandardStile and Rail - Mid Bar BraceStile and Rail - Z BraceStile and Rail - X BraceStile and Rail - British Brace

Paints For Sliding Barn Door Shutters

Transform your sliding barn doors shutters with the following paint options into a work of art that pops in your home.
Snow White PaintBarn White PaintAntique White PaintBarn Red PaintMidnight Black Paint

Stains For Sliding Barn Door Shutters

Any of these stains for sliding barn door shutters bring out the innate essence of the wood.
Weathered Gray StainFruitwood StainEspresso Stain

Wheels For Sliding Barn Door Shutters

Add the wheels you want and get a barn door that slides with ease and is stunning.
Metal Convex WheelMetal WheelBlack Nylon Wheel

Track Systems For Sliding Barn Door Shutters

Choose from either a flat track or J track. A flat track has the wheels glide on the top of the track. A J track is a good choice for tracks that are near ceilings since the wheels slide on a ridge that’s level with the track instead of on top of it.
Black flat track for sliding barn door shuttersJ track for sliding barn door shutters with metal wheels

Track Colors For Sliding Barn Door Shutters

Select a track color that goes with the feel of the sliding barn door shutter.
Dark Bronze TrackFlat Black TrackRaw Steel Track

Track Header For Sliding Barn Door Shutters

A track header is a wooden piece that’s stained to match the barn door shutters and goes behind the track. 
Track header for sliding barn door shutters 

Hangers For Sliding Barn Door Shutters

Mount the barn door shutters to the track system with hangers that reflect your style.
Mini Arrow HardwareMini Industrial HardwareMini Modern HardwareMini Top Mount Modern HardwareMini Top Mount Ultra Modern HardwareMini Ultra Modern Hardware
Note: Actual colors may differ from the on-screen colors from one monitor to another. We’ll bring a sample of what the sliding barn door looks like to your home when you schedule an in-home consultation.

Warranty For Sliding Barn Door Shutters

Sunburst's sliding barn door shutters come with a limited one-year warranty covering any manufacturing defects for the original owner.

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