Barn Doors Bring Beauty And Privacy To Charlotte Homes

Presenting Sunburst Shutters Charlotte’s new line of barn doors! Barn doors are the most sought after trend in home decor. Beautifully crafted from solid wood, barn doors are stunning as a modern alternate to doors in Charlotte.
And today you have the option to install them on your windows, as well!
North Carolinians love the contemporary feel barn doors give their house. But they’re more than just exquisite adornment. As both window shutters and in place of doors, barn doors grant you privacy. Close them to shut out the light (and prying neighbors). You can also effortlessly move them along the track aside of the window to get a full view of your surroundings.
Sunburst’s sliding barn doors come in a selection of colors. We can even paint and stain barn doors to fit your style. Your barn doors will stand out as a work of art and it serves as a window treatment or door. And crafted from the finest hardwood, these barn doors are sturdy .
Want to bring a contemporary feel to your residence? Browse the barn doors for sale in Charlotte, NC:

Sliding Barn Door Shutters

Sliding Barn Door Shutters In Charlotte, NC
As an original window shutter, sliding barn door shutters give you the privacy characteristic of window shutters with the elegance of barn doors. We have all the options for the modernized look you desire in sliding barn doors. And our experts guide you as you choose your colors and hardware. Find out more about sliding barn door shutters here.

Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding Barn Doors On A Charlotte Pantry
Sunburst Shutters Charlotte provides you with custom-built sliding barn doors to enhance your home’s décor. Whether you are interested in a stile-and-rail, a panel, or a plank type door, we have a collection of styles and options. And we provide you with a variety of paint and stain colors to match your color scheme. Learn more about sliding barn doors for your house.