How To Black Out Your Windows In Charlotte

Neil Blackwelder

Mass-produced “blackout” window treatments will sell you on total light management, allowing for insulation, privacy, and of course, darkness. However, they aren’t perfectly sized for your windows as light intrudes around the edges. Instead, install customized roller shades or plantation shutters to black out windows in Charlotte. Custom roller shades are opaque and will match the dimensions of your window opening to ensure darkness, while faux wood plantation shutters insulate windows.

Black out shades in a living room 

Customized Room-Darkening Roller Shades Block Exterior Light

If your goal is to black out windows in Charlotte for optimal privacy and darkness, consider the benefits of roller shades. They come in a quality material with an opaque color or pattern to prohibit exterior light from invading the space.  If you get a custom-crafted treatment, your window treatment professional will measure your windows and ensure the new treatments fit perfectly within your window frame to avoid any gaps around the edges. When lowering the roller shades, they will completely cover the window glass and prevent outdoor light from sneaking past.

Using custom room darkening roller shades will also improve your home’s insulation ability. Their heavy material and exact fit are wonderful in keeping out excess heat and those cold drafts in winter. You will appreciate feeling cozier in winter and more comfortable during hotter months with your new roller shades, and you could see some savings on energy expenses.

Roller shades are stylish too. The term “blackout” doesn’t apply to the color of the shade. These effective coverings can be found in colors ranging from black to white in many attractive styles and patterns. While beautiful, the fabric is thick enough to stop the sun from leaking in. Blackout roller shades provide an appealing method to keep out sunlight when you want darkness for bedtime, a movie, or to improve the comfort of a space.

Plantation shutters in a living room

Interior Shutters Are Energy-Efficient

A majority of residents want to upgrade thier window coverings in Charlotte for better energy efficiency. Blocking hot sunshine and cold air that comes through windows keeps your rooms at the right temperature and energy bills low. Blackout blinds and window shades made of thick materials may improve efficiency, but interior shutters are often more effective. They have patented weatherstripping on all sides that insulates windows better than most other options. When closing your sturdy interior shutters, this proven insulation ability wards off hot and cold patches coming from your windows. Your heating and cooling equipment won’t have to work as hard, and your property stays comfortable without increasing your energy expenses.

Polywood shutters also keep out most light. They can’t get displaced with a little nudge or bump like traditional blinds or curtains due to their solid construction. All panels are customized to fit snugly over your windows. They leave minimal gaps around the borders for light to sneak through like you get with store-bought blinds and window shades. The slats are also crafted to secure snugly against each other and let in only the slightest glow of outside light when they’re shut.

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