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Sidelight Window Treatments In Charlotte

Sidelights are the long, slim windows at the sides of your front door. They illuminate your entry, give you a view out front, and add an attractive decorative element for your house. But when left uncovered, they can also give an unwanted view into your interior. Thankfully, Sunburst offers the ideal solution with our custom-made sidelight window shutters in Charlotte.

Sidelight Window Shutters In Charlotte Are The Best Option

No product works better for your entryway than Sunburst’s sidelight window shutters. They'll provide the privacy you require with the extra perks of exceptional light control, durability, and distinctive appeal. Whether you choose our stained real wood or best-selling Polywood, an interior shutter perfectly complements with all aspects of your front entry door.

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Entry Door Sidelight Window Shutters Give You Better Privacy

As a stranger waits at on your front step, you don't want them looking into your home through an uncovered window or sheer curtain. When you have entry door sidelight window shutters, you are able to completely obscure the view into your home's interior, keeping your privacy intact. Of course, if you want to see out, an effortless tilt of the louvers will open your view to the outdoors.

Polywood® Shutters Provide Exceptional Energy Savings

It's easy to see that an open door may cause energy loss, but you might not recognize how much heat can transfer through windows. Sidelight window shutters will help stop heat loss in its tracks. Sunburst’s Polywood® plantation shutters are so capable of trapping the inside air in your home that they even qualify for an energy tax credit as well!

Plantation Shutters For Sidelight Windows Are More Beneficial For Households With Children

Sidelight window shutters next to front door.

When a guest drives up the driveway, your kids and pets are probably rushing to your front door to look through the sidelights and check who it is. If you have flimsy blinds, they'll likely be shaken and maybe bent. Other window coverings can be pushed aside, making way for tiny handprints or pawprints on the pane. If you have plantation shutters for sidelight windows in Charlotte, these problems won't occur. Rather, you'll have a strong, long-lasting solution that holds up well to mischievous young ones. And they still give a look out-of-doors when you adjust the louvers.

Sidelight Window Shutters In Charlotte Fit Windows Of Any Shape Or Size

Shopping for blinds, shades, or drapes that fit perfectly over sidelight windows is challenging. Sidelights typically don't come in a standard size and may be thin or wide like the door. A customized window treatment is your most sensible option, and that's precisely what you'll get with sidelight window shutters in Charlotte by Sunburst. Our versatile products are always made to fit the precise measurements of any window.

Enjoy A Fashionable, Uniform Look For Your Doorway

With sidelights matching your door, your home will possess a uniform and chic entrance. Luckily, Sunburst’s sidelight window indoor shutters come in numerous stain and paint colors to perfectly harmonize with your particular interior.

There’s Always Room For Sidelight Window Shutters

Sidelight window shutters next to front door.

In some foyers, you might not have as much room around sidelights. If that sounds like your home, using a hanging treatment might not work. Luckily, our sidelight window shutters are installed over the frame, so they can work and look elegant despite the surrounding space.


Our Sidelight Window Shutters Always Stay Secure

One of the wonderful things about our sidelight window shutters is that you don’t have to wonder about them shifting, swaying, or banging against the window. They invariably stay in place. Conversely, blinds, shades, and drapes can be impacted by the vacuum effect that happens when you use the door. They will often sway, shake, and may also get trapped in the door.


Frequently Asked Questions About Sidelight Window Shutters In Charlotte

Q: What types of shutters can work on sidelights?

A: Our Ovation® hardwood, Polywood® shutters reclaimed wood shutters, and Studio Shutters are all excellent on sidelights.

Q: Can shutters be put on the glass cutout in my door?

A: Absolutely! If there’s a window cutout on your entryway door, we can do a custom shutter frame around it.

Q: Do sidelight window shutters have to have a tilt rod?

A: Not always. We make plantation shutters with a “hidden” tilt rod, so you only see those classic louvers.

Q: Can you customize plantation shutters for sidelight windows that match my door’s color?

A: Yes! We can craft shutters in various paint colors and wood stains. We can figure out a solution for virtually any door.


Explore Sidelight Window Plantation Shutters In Charlotte

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