Professionals Address Your Top 3 Concerns About Installing Shutters In Charlotte, NC

Neil Blackwelder

Day in and day out, the team at Sunburst Shutters Charlotte gets asked questions on how to install shutters in Charlotte. How do shutters fit my window’s special shape? How does Sunburst Shutters put up shutters on a window with a crank? Would a security system impact how the shutters are installed?

I’ve encountered these questions before. And I want to assure you that when fulfilled by our experienced professionals, installing plantation shutters doesn’t conflict with how the window operates, your house’s security system, or your window’s shape. Here are the top three worries about installing shutters in Charlotte, and how our experts handle them.

1. How Does Your Window’s Shape Affect Shutter Installation?

Your windows may be different sizes and shapes: rectangle, circle, arch, octagon, triangle, and more. The question is how to install shutters (that are usually rectangular) on these odd shaped windows?

Our Experts Installed Shutters On A Sunburst Arch Window In Charlotte, NC

Our specialists measure your window’s dimensions, noting every arch, curve, angle, or corner. Then, we input the dimensions into proprietary software to generate a template for the shutter that exactly fits your window. Now, the shutter frame’s edges follow your window’s frame. And once they’ve been installed, the shutter louvers can be moved across the window - regardless of its shape. You heard right. You won’t be locked into arch window shutters you can’t open. And the shutters make the shape of the window shine!

2. How Does The Way The Window Opens Affect Shutter Installation?

Installing shutters on your window shouldn’t impact how the window operates. Windows that open with a crank, tilt, or slide can all take plantation shutters. That’s because plantation shutters are custom-fit to the type of window you have.

Where the shutter frame is installed (either inside the window opening or outside of it) is completely dependant on how the window functions. If the window utilizes a crank, the shutter frame is likely mounted on the outside. The same applies for windows that tilt in. However windows that slide commonly have a shutter frame that’s placed on the inside of the window opening. How deep the windowsill is, how much clearance there is above and below the window, and the window’s shape also determine the type of shutter frame you pick.

Our experts consider the depth of the window opening, the size of the existing window casing, how much clearance there is above and below the window, and the window’s shape. Then, we design and mount your shutter frame to the specifications of your window.

3. How Does A Security System Impact How The Shutters Are Installed?

Your security system is effective at protecting you from burglaries. When installing shutters on your windows, think about the kind of monitoring device you have in that space.

If the motion sensor is directly on the window frame or the window itself, installing shutters is not likely trigger the alarm or alter its performance. That’s because the shutters do not interfere with the sensor’s signal. The alarm is only set off if the window is opened or the glass is broken.

If the motion sensor is mounted on the wall, shutters won’t set off the alarm either. This type of detector transmits infrared rays and uses the reflection of those rays to detect if there is a disturbance to the space. A burglar will create an obstruction to the detector’s rays, triggering an alarm, but the shutters themselves won’t.

Our experts have installed shutters with all sorts of security systems. Installing shutters in Charlotte should never compromise your family’s security.

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