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The Best Patio Door Window Treatments In Charlotte

October 29, 2015

Patio doors are an important feature of your home, as they link you to your outdoor environment with a serviceable entrance and amazing view. But what if the sun becomes too bright, or you need to limit the visibility from the exterior? Finding the best patio door window treatments in Charlotte is crucial to get the light management and privacy you need. Thankfully, interior shutters will work perfectly no matter what style of patio door you use.

Window Treatments For French Patio Doors In Charlotte

White plantation shutter customized for French door with cutout for handle.

French doors provide a distinctive flair to your property as they come in such a wide assortment of styles. You should pick window treatments that work well with your home's impressive entrance. Plantation shutters are the best window treatments for French patio doors, as they may be custom-tailored to any application. Interior shutters function well regardless of where the handles are located or how the doors open.

These versatile window treatments give you a range of added perks, including:

  • Unrivaled light control via the use of adjustable louvers. Other substitutes like drapes or shades only give you two possibilities - open or closed.
  • Exceptional durability. Our louvered shutters are built to outlast your door.
  • They never sway or smack when you use the doorway because they are attached securely to the door.
  • Unmatched energy efficiency when installing Polywood® interior shutters. The patented weather sealing will help keep your interior comfortable during all seasons.

Window Treatments For Sliding Patio Doors In Charlotte

White Polywood shutters on a sliding patio door in a dining room

Comparable to French doors, the types of sliding patio doors can vary greatly. You require a made-to-order window treatment that allows full privacy and light control. You’ll get exactly that with interior shutters. These adaptable window treatments for sliding patio doors in Charlotte typically are manufactured in a bypass design.

Bypass Sliding Door Shutters

This solid, easy-to-operate solution features shutter panels that move easily in front of your sliding door on a track. When you want to use the door, these shutters may be moved in front of each other. The built-in louvers give you the sunlight control and privacy you desire. This kind of sliding door shutter is the most customary design, providing a streamlined, more contemporary look for your home.

Home design imagery courtesy of Sandra Mijan


Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Patio Door Window Treatments

White plantation shutter with adjustable louvers covering a sliding door

Is there enough space to put shutters on my sliding door?

In the majority of cases, yes. Numerous mounting and shutter frame possibilities can fit different types of sliding patio doors.

Will my door handle keep me from using shutters?

No. Shutters can be made with cut-outs that accommodate handles of any type.

When using patio door shutters, is anything screwed into the floor?

No. Patio door shutters attach to the frame or the wall surrounding the door.

Find Window Treatments For Patio Doors In Charlotte

If you’re looking for a customized, attractive, and permanent window treatment for your patio doors in Charlotte, reach out to the specialists at Sunburst Shutters Charlotte. Our interior shutters allow you to take in the view while supplying unrivaled light and privacy management. Place a call to 980-231-1116 today to request your on-site consultation.