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Large picture window with white Polywood shutters within an office setting.

The Perfect Window Treatments For Picture Windows In Charlotte

November 22, 2022

Picture windows provide a great view outside and let in a wealth of sunlight. With that being said these sizeable windows typically are a challenge to cover whenever you want darkness or privacy. You don’t want cumbersome drapes or blinds that are a pain to operate. But you should get something attractive on a large picture window that consumes such a wide amount of area on your wall. And getting a product that insulates will assist in making your sizeable window more energy efficient. Knowing this, think about installing one of these outstanding possibilities for picture window treatments in Charlotte.

Wood Interior Shutters Provide An Alluring Option

Ovation shutters above a modern kitchen sink

Classic plantation shutters look incredible on sizeable picture windows in Charlotte. They are always in style and are available in a wide range of stain and paint colors to complement your existing interior design. And premium wood shutters such as Ovation® shutters are more durable than cheaply made window shades or blinds.

Plantation shutters are a cinch to utilize with large picture windows and offer more ways to manage sunlight and privacy than substitute window treatments. You are able to swing their hinged panels open for an unfettered view and a flood of sunlight or shut them for darkness and privacy. You may also open the adjustable louvers on closed panels to achieve partial light. Or use the slats to redirect light away from a screen or reflective surface to fix glare. And because interior shutters are custom-fitted to your window, they don’t leave gaps for sunlight to sneak through whenever you prefer to have it dark.

Polywood Shutters Offer Superior Picture Window Insulation

White Polywood shutters on a large picture window within a medium-sized dining room.

Large windows like picture windows lose a lot of your home’s heat during the winter and allow excessive heat in summer. If you are looking to keep your house’s temperature stable and lower energy costs, pick Polywood® shutters for your picture window treatments in Charlotte. Like wood plantation shutters, they impede the sun’s warmth when closed, but they offer even greater insulation. They also feature exclusive weather sealing to keep heat from seeping out through your window while shielding your property from cold drafts.

Polywood shutters also add beauty to every window. They are available in three white paint colors that match various types of interior design and bring a modern appeal to otherwise classic shutters. Polywood shutters are also longer lasting than substitute options and will grace your picture window for decades. They never fade or discolor, no matter the amount of sun your picture window gets, and they don’t distort, fracture, or chip from humidity or intense temperatures either.

Cellular Shades Bring A Unique Appeal to Your Charlotte Picture Window

Beige cellular shades on a large picture window with a beach scene.

In the event you are more inclined to the softer touch of fabric window shades, cellular shades are ideal picture window treatments for Charlotte homes. They come in various materials, patterns, and colors, so it’s simple to find cellular shades that fit your unique preferences. You can also install motorized cellular shades if regular shades are too cumbersome to operate on an oversized picture window.

Most importantly, cellular shades’ specific construction allows them to be more energy-efficient than other window shades. They consist of pleats that fold and unfold in a similar fashion as an accordion when you raise or lower them. These pleats create openings that ensnare air entering through your windows. This insulation helps you keep your space at the desired temperature irregardless of how big your picture window is.

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