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Cellular shades on bullnose windows

The Best Window Treatments For Bullnose Windows In Charlotte

July 01, 2021

Bullnose windows have rounded borders that give them a soft, finished look. Because their sides aren’t straight like traditional openings, you may not know what window treatments to use on bullnose windows in Charlotte. If you’re wanting to highlight their curved perimeters, mount your preferred window treatment within the available space. If you prize window treatments that offer privacy, energy efficiency, and beauty over the appearance of those rounded edges, select interior shutters connected to a frame that extends beyond the edges of the opening.

Gray cellular shades in a window

Bring Attention To Your Bullnose Windows With Window Shades

There are a few homes with bullnose windows, so it’s understandable if your goal is to have them on display to supply your Charlotte property a design focal point. Customized roller shades give you the ability to show off your round edges but still cover your window panes to ensure privacy and light management. Your window covering sales rep will record the measurements of your window openings and order your shades to fit inside the window opening with no gaps or overhang. When ready, they will be installed inside the top of your opening.

Every shade looks great with bullnose windows. The only thing you need to do is pick the type you like best for your space. Roller shades come in many colors, patterns, and levels of transparency to match your decor and block light. Stylish woven reed shades filter light and add a natural element to your space. Or use popular cellular shades to trap chilly drafts and keep your room warmer.

Woman admiring plantation shutters

Dress Up And Insulate Your Bullnose Windows With Plantation Shutters

When your attention is more centered around the window treatments on your Charlotte bullnose windows than the windows’ round corners, ask your window treatment sales reps regarding the possibility of shutters. They are skilled in the proper methods to install shutters along a framework that covers the outer lip of your window opening. That means you will cover the distinctive round corners of your bullnose windows, but interior shutters are an attractive focal point all their own. Choose between clean white Polywood® shutters or various colors of natural wood Ovation® shutters to blend with your existing design.

Charlotte homeowners enjoy Polywood shutters for their flexibility and energy-saving qualities. The fact that they don’t use cords makes them easier to close than various types of blinds, and they shut more securely to ward off nearly all outside light. You are able to swing the panels closed and move the louvers for partial light or close the slats all the way for near-total darkness. Polywood shutters keep drafts out as well with their patented weatherstripping. They provide better insulation than other products to create a more efficient property.

Versatile faux-wood shutters work on any type of window as well. When your bullnose windows are found in areas like bathrooms and kitchens, these unique interior shutters will not be damaged by moisture from the humidity. They won’t fade in especially sunny windows or suffer cracking when temperatures change with the seasons.

Polywood® blinds in an office

Find Window Treatments For Your Charlotte Bullnose Windows At Sunburst Shutters Charlotte

Get the right window treatments for your Charlotte bullnose windows at Sunburst Shutters Charlotte. Whether you need an elegant window shade or alluring Polywood® shutters, we offer a multitude of possibilities and hang them with extreme care to make certain they appear flawless in your home. Simply contact us at 980-231-1116 or complete the form below to schedule a a complimentary on-site consultation.