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What To Expect At Your Charlotte In-Home Shutter Consultation

March 26, 2019

Before you determine what window treatment to get, some companies, like Sunburst, start out with an in-home consultation. By bringing products to you, we can demonstate how different shutters, blinds, and shades would match up to your windows. This conversation helps you visualize your options and makes you feel confident in the end result.

But what actually goes on during an in-home consultation? And how does meeting a representative in your home allow you to better choose the perfect window treatment? Some companies may have a different agenda for their in-home consultation, but here is what you will find during your Sunburst visit.

Detailing A Typical In-Home Shutters Consultation

Homeowners viewing samples of window treatments.

Begin by scheduling an appointment by calling your local representative. If you already can picture the perfect coverings for you window, like our Polywood® plantation shutter, then we will make it a point to bring you a variety of options for your preferred choice. We will also offer alternatives, so you can be sure that your windows match your vision.

When we arrive, we’ll sit down and talk about what you are looking for in a window treatment. We’ll spefically ask about your lighting, privacy, and energy efficiency needs, and we’ll ask about hard-to-reach or specialty-shaped windows. Your representative will also ask about how your windows are used and what style you want to accomplish. And it’s alright if you don’t know precisely what you need, as we’ll walk you through your options.

That may require going through different samples until we discover the correct window treatment for the room. Most customers need to look at a few different product lines, like comparing Polywood with our real-wood Ovation® shutters or picking the best stain to coordinate with the room. We’ll also demonstrate all the options available for the treatment, like available colors, louver sizes, or hidden tilt-rods.

Once you make your pick, we’ll find precise measurements of your windows. We generally measure the windows in every room in your home—even if you only need to make a purchase for some of your windows. We get multiple measurements because many of our customers ask to order additional window treatments with just a phone call. At the end of the appointment, we will thoroughly explain the detailed, written quote, so there are no phantom numbers on your invoice.

Alt text: Sunburst Shutters van parked at customer's home. 

Red Flags For A Bad In-Home Shutter Consultation

While we are sure that Sunburst will carry out an easy and enjoyable in-home consultation, there are some red flags you should never see from any window treatment company. As they say, the quality of the consultation reflects the quality of the window treatments.

Primarily, your rep should respect your home. He or she should come to your house on time, with all samples requested, and offer to cover their shoes with shoe booties. Your consultant should always give you product and company brochures and pricing details.

When it comes to price, you should be given a full written quote. Don’t accept a vague guess, scribbled on a blank page or the back of a business card. And always reject pricing estimates if they won’t measure your windows. You want to know how much product and installation should cost. Don’t forget to search for references and online reviews.

Uncover The Perfect Window Treatments With A Sunburst In-Home Consultation

At Sunburst, we pride ourselves on matching your windows with the best window treatment. Our reps strive to be courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. And we never leave you without a full quote and product information. Just contact us at 980-231-1116 to arrange your in-home consultation.