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Why People In Charlotte Should Get Their Window Treatments Custom-Fitted

February 20, 2020

Your window treatments are outdated, and you’re finally ready for something new. You shop around online and purchase coverings you love from the internet. When your treatments appear at your door, you begin installing them, but something doesn’t look right. Despite an adjustable base, they just won’t snug up against the window frame. 

Purchasing ready-made window coverings from a chain store is simple, but they aren’t a perfect fit. Here’s why our window pros in Charlotte suggest scheduling a consultation to get window treatments custom-fitted for the windows in your home.

You Need Window Treatments Custom-fitted for Your Home

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You might decide that if your new treatment covers the window, it’s doing its job. But, ill-fitting coverings just don’t work well. And even if you carefully calculate the size of the window coverings you want, the treatments you get won’t meet your expectations. Mass-produced treatments can vary up to an inch, so you may not receive exactly what you wanted.

Windows run in many shapes and sizes. Even “standard” windows are known for being not exactly square. Coverings that are not custom fitted likely won’t look or work correctly. Additionally, they may lack the extra features that you want.

Just know that when you get window treatments custom-fitted for your windows, you receive the very best coverings that are the correct dimensions and do everything you want them to do.

Avoid Gapping and Compromises With Custom-Made Window Coverings

Arched Plantation Shutters 
One thing to consider with new window coverings is how would you prefer your window treatments to function? When you don’t get custom treatments for the windows in your home, they most likely won’t function appropriately.

If your coverings aren’t big enough, they can leave unsightly gaps along of the edges of your windows that can let in both too much light and curious eyes. When window treatments like blinds and shades are too outsized for your window, they will be awkward and won’t be easy to adjusdt. You might end up just putting up with your window treatments instead of loving them.

Custom treatments, however, completely cover your window and hang perfectly. You can also decide on additional features like wider louvers for your shutters or hold-down brackets on blinds to offer enhanced light control and privacy that mass-produced coverings might not.

And if you have a specialty-shaped window, it’s incredibly difficult to find a mass-produced treatment that fits properly. These specialty-shaped windows require a treatment like a quality plantation shutter that can be measured and built to precise dimensions. When you get window treatments custom-fitted for your odd-shaped windows, they give all the same advantages as the shutters on your standard windows.

Take The Opportunity To Get An Expert Window Measurement 

Charlotte Sunburst Shutters Professional
It might seem simpler to measure the dimensions of your windows and get window coverings on your own, but there are many advantages to reaching out for consultation and having a specialist measure your windows for you.

When a representative from Sunburst Shutters Charlotte carefully takes the exact measurements of your windows, you can be confident that all your window coverings will be custom-crafted to fit each window without any gaps or overlay. They will present recommendations for coverings that best fit your needs and will be able to offer you the mounting method that’s perfect for your windows. They will even measure every window in every room, so if you decide to get treatments for additional rooms, the measurements will already be taken.

As always, your Sunburst Shutters Charlotte consultation in Charlotte is complimentary, so take full advantage of this opportunity and get the ideal window coverings for your windows!

Get Your Custom-Crafted Treatments From Sunburst

Once you make the decision to purchase window treatments custom-fitted to your windows, contact Sunburst Shutters. Our professionals take care to find the exact dimensions of your windows, and will install your custom-crafted coverings so they look and function as they should. Give us a call at 980-231-1116 or send in our contact form to set up a complimentary in-home consultation.