Bypass & Bifold Shutters for Charlotte Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding doors in Charlotte are the perfect partner for plantation shutters. Shutters help maximize your privacy, control lighting, won’t sway like blinds or shades, and may even outlast than the sliding door itself. If you’ve already decided on shutters for a sliding door, the only other choice to make is what kind of shutters would work best for your sliding doors.

Your Charlotte plantation shutter pros at Sunburst offer two sliding door types: bypass and bifold. Let’s take a look at what makes each unique, and help you determine which one is right for your sliding doors.

Bypass Shutters for Sliding Doors in Charlotte

Sliding Glass Door Shutter In Charlotte

The more prevalent of the two sliding glass door shutter builds is the bypass configuration. In this setup, two shutter panels slide on a track mounted above a sliding glass door. The panels are offset so the panels slide over each other for access to the door. Or if there’s some room next to your sliding door, the track can extend beyond the doorframe to allow the shutter panel to completely slide out from in front of the glass door.

Charlotte white sliding door shutters
Keep in mind that with almost every bypass shutter configuration, there will be a panel covering one side of your sliding glass door all the time. Sliding glass door shutters in a bypass build are also somewhat stronger than bifold shutters, since there are fewer articulation points that can become damaged or break.
NC sliding door shutters
When to put in bypass sliding door shutters in Charlotte: When you might not have a lot of space in front of your door, or want a low maintenance but long-lasting shutter for your sliding glass door.

Bifold Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors in Charlotte

As the name might tell you, bifold shutters for sliding glass doors are ones that fold. Rather than two large, solid panels that slide back and forth on a rail, bifold shutters are separated into smaller panels that fold into each other, clearing the view in front of your sliding glass door.

Charlotte sliding door bifold shutters in living room
When to choose bifold sliding glass door shutters: If you want to stack panels to one side of the door and you have enough space beside the door for the shutters to operate.

Sliding Door Shutter FAQs

Will I lose any functionality out of my sliding door if I put in shutters?

Not at all. We’ll ensure that your sliding doors retain their range of motion and function by building a set of shutters that seamlessly fits your door frame.

How do I measure my sliding glass door for shutters?

Measuring your sliding glass door to fit shutters isn’t hard at all. These are typically the measurements you’ll want to get:

  • The height from the top of the door casing to the floor.

  • The width of the jamb of the door.

  • The width and length of the glass panes.

But don’t fret if you don’t want to measure; your installer will be happy to measure your sliding door for you for free during your in-home consultation.

How much room do I need around a sliding glass door to put in shutters?

With new advances every day in shutter technology, we can design a custom set of shutters to fit your sliding door, regardless of how much space there is above or around it.

How Are Sliding Shutters Designed?

To begin, we measure the length and width of each segment of your glass door. Then we mark how much space there is next to the doors. This tells us if we should use a bypass or bifold configuration. We head back to our office and order the hand-built plantation shutters to fit those configurations. Using a combination of state-of-the-art software and design templates based on the dimensions of your door, we design and manufacture the sliding glass door shutters ,adding the colors and finishes of your choosing.

Our expert installers mount the sliding shutters on your sliding glass doors, ensuring the louvers on the shutters can open and the panels are movable. This provides you with a better view and shutters that are easy to clean.

Find Your Sliding Door Shutter Solution

If you’re not decided on what kind of shutters to get for your sliding glass door, don’t fret! The Sunburst Shutters Charlotte team can help you find the right fit for your space when you take advantage of our free in-home shutter consultation. To set yours up, simply call 980-231-1116 or use the form below.